There are few issues in the world which are, in the long run, going to have a greater impact on the global 99% than the destruction of the ecosystem upon which we all depend for such basic needs as air, water, food, and shelter. As the world population continues to grow, the realities of climate change, the collapse of the ocean ecosystem, and dwindling resources are going to lead to a struggle for existence more miserable than many of us can imagine. Sadly, the greatest victims of the ongoing environmental catastrophe will be those of the impoverished countries of the world, whose people have been the most brutally repressed and exploited by the merciless sociopathy of the %1.

The science of the situation is quite clear: left unchecked, the environmental degradation wrought by our present system of unhindered international capitalism will create the greatest social crisis in the history of humanity as billions of people are left without arable farmland, food from the ocean, or even water to drink. Caring for humanity as we do, we have an existentially dire responsibility to prevent this.

Occupy DC will be engaging in a full week of actions leading up to Earth Day, a holiday which corporations have learned to exploit by greenwashing their images. Two days of trainings on the weekend of April 14 and 15 will give us all a chance to come together to prepare for the tremendously important week of action ahead, and the four days following (April 16-19) we will act directly to take on those responsible for the destruction of our planet and their enablers. Recognizing that a sustainable global ecosystem and a future for humanity are both impossible in a world caught in the throes of a neo-liberal race to the bottom, we will then confront the International Monetary Fund/World Bank conference taking place April 20-22.

A better world is possible. As responsible human beings, we must save the ecosystem of which human life is but an inter-dependent piece, and leave our grandchildren a world which will sustain and nourish them.