Earth Week Schedule

Sunday, April 15th – Teach-ins, trainings, community building, and action planning.

Monday, April 16th – Air element themed day. 4:00 PM March against climate change deniers.

Tuesday, April 17th – Fire element themed day. 5:30 PM Action against the tar sands pipeline.

Wednesday, April 18th – Water element themed day. 3:30 PM March and action against hydrofracking.

Thursday, April 19th – Earth element themed day. 8:00 AM Action against Corporate Agribusiness. 1:00 PM Community gardening at Wangrai Maathai Garden.

Friday, April 20th – 8:00 AM March against Big Oil. 4:00 PM critical mass bike ride to IMF sites of interest.

Saturday, April 21st – 6:00 AM Dawn march to the World Bank Conference site. 8:00 AM Morning march to the World Bank Conference site. Noon lunch at McPherson Square Midday Trainings at Murrow Park. 10:00 PM March to Delegates' places of interest.

Sunday, April 22nd – 1:00 PM march to the World Bank conference site in commemoration of the 42nd Earth Day.